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Recruiting for mythic progression!

by Sondrey, 29 days ago

About the guild
<Free Will> is a fairly new guild on Silvermoon, formed right before Legion. The founders of the guild are veteran raiders who have played since Vanilla and TBC. Throughout the various expansions we have been in a lot of different guilds and on a few different realms, looking for a place to call home. Now we have finally decided to settle here on Silvermoon and to play as Alliance.

Our top players have achieved the following:

<Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold> in MoP
<I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am> in Cata
<The Undying> and <A Tribute to Insanity> in WotLK

We have previously been in competitive guilds aiming for realm first, but never quite made the cut due to several raiders not being as comitted as the rest. So we decided to make our own guild, only accepting players who take their raiding seriously and would like to compete against other guilds for realm first kills.

We now seek additional dedicated players to strengthen our Mythic raiding team for Legion! This is what we are currently looking for:

1 Discipline Priest (!)
1 Resto Druid (!)
1 Warlock (!)
1 Elemental + Enhance Shaman
1 Balance + Feral Druid
1 DK/Pala DPS

We welcome all exceptional players regardless of current class/role needs.

Raiding schedule
We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 19 - 23 ST. Extra raids can be set up during weekends if people are available, and current raiding times can be extended when progressing and close to a kill.

Contact info/applying
If this sounds interesting please submit an application to the guild under the "Membership" tab. Simply click on the "Apply to Free Will" link and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something feel free to add me (Sondrey#2207) or try to contact an officer (Zlukinim, Dimmling or Nuus) in-game.

- Evanix


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